How to Arrange L Shaped Sofa: 7 Living Room Ideas

How to arrange l shaped sofa

One of the most preferred furniture pieces for living rooms today are the L shaped sofas. Their design allows extra space, prompting the question: How To Arrange L Shaped Sofa effectively. They are useful and space saving furniture. They can help to increase your seating options without consuming the extra space. Living rooms feel incomplete without a good looking sofa. They are usually the most expensive furniture you own in a living room. In this article we will look at how to arrange L shaped sofa in living room. These sofa arranging styles can enhance the overall look of your room.

7 Best Ideas on How To Arrange L Shaped Sofa

1. Center Of The Room:

L Shaped sofa in center of room

You can place your L shaped sofa in the center of your big room. It is a great way to make your sofa the focal point of the space. You can also add other seating options like armchairs. If your living room has a fireplace, you can still place this sofa in the middle of the room. It will offer a comfortable and warm seating arrangement.

2. Room Separator:

L shaped sofa room seperator


The L shaped sofa can be styled to separate the room in two spaces. One you can use L shaped living room layout with tv, while the other area can be used for dining in. To create the separation, you can use different colors on the two sides of the room. If your L shaped sofas have a low back, you can soften the separation of the living room. Different colors, furniture, designs, or rugs can be used to give an emphasis to the separation.

3. The Back Wall Sweep:

l shaped sofa with back wall sweep

Placing your L shaped sofa on the back wall is also a great choice to style your living room. It provides a lot of free space in the living room. The sofa will attract the guest that will enter into the living room from the main entrance. The color schemes of the sofa can help it blend more into the room so it doesn’t appear as big. You can make it more visually appealing by adding a rectangular neutral color rug or a coffee table on its front.

4. Intimate Circle:

L shaped sofa Intimate circle

You can create an intimate circle with your L shaped sofa. This cozy space can be used to chat with your friends or to watch your favorite tv shows. This is among the best L shaped sofa ideas. You can add a large arm chair in the vertical direction to make the space more comfortable. Adding a coffee table in the center of the sofa and armchair can also beautify the place.

5. Nestled Family Square:

l shaped sofa nested family square

Making a family square in the living room is one of the L shaped sofa sectional living room designing ideas. Modern sectional sofas have a perfect angle. You can put the sofa to the side of the living room and make a square. To make the square perfect, you can also add a few chairs in the vertical direction and on the sides. The long L shaped sofa in living room will be perfect for the nestled family square.

6. The Loft Room:

how to arrange l shaped sofa

If you are selecting a sofa for your apartment, you can choose a long L shaped sofa as it helps to give an illusion of a separate room. It also gives an impression of an open space. You can enhance the room by adding new colors or furniture pieces. You can further increase the beauty of your room by adding rugs and ottomans. Ottomans can also be used for sitting. Choose a sofa that is long lasting and durable, so if you want to change the sofa design in the future you can do it effortlessly.

7. Extended L Shaped Sofa:

extended l shaped sofa

The extended L shaped sofas can also be used in a smaller room. They can enhance the appearance of a smaller room. The L shaped sofas can provide all the seating options you need in a compact space. You can pair them with different furniture pieces or sitting options in the living room. Using your sofa like this will not make the room look like it’s congested. You can also add additional furniture like cushions, lamps, coffee tables, without making the room look smaller.

Final Words

L shaped sofas are a perfect addition in the living room. You can also select the size, colors and design of these sofas to match it with the interiors of the living room. We have looked at 7 different ideas on How To Arrange L Shaped Sofa in living room to make it more attractive and welcoming.

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