7 L Shaped Sofa Designs For Living Room

L SHaped Sofa

L shaped Sofa Designs are popular nowadays because of their variety of shapes and designs. You can even customize your L-shaped sofas according to your space. They can even improve the look of your living room. These sectional sofas are available in multiple designs. Here are some of the best sofa designs for living room.

7 Incredible L Shaped Sofa Designs For Living Room

1. Sofa Beds:

l Shaped Sofa Bed

The L-shaped sofa beds are a perfect choice for small living rooms. They are much heavier than the usual L Shaped Sofa Designs. However, they are worth the weight with their space-saving quality. It can be a challenge to place it in your living room due to its overall weight.

You can use sofa beds for watching TV or reading books. You can also have a comfortable sleep on this sofa bed. These sofas can also be a bed. While the material of the sofa may not be foldable, you can easily flex and fold the remaining body of the sofa easily. You can choose this sofa in different sizes, from normal-sized to king-sized sofa beds.

2. L-Shaped Sectional Sofa:

L-Shaped Sectional Sofa It is one of the most popular choices for modern homes. This sofa is in the ‘L’ shape and has two sections that meet at the right angle. L-shaped sofa set can maximize the space in the living room. They make an ideal use of space by fitting in any corner.

You can move the sections of the sofa from its place. You can add furniture and other items in the remaining space of your living room. This sectional sofa can be a smart choice for both large and small living rooms. This sofa can fit a large gathering because of its long shape.

3. Corner Sofa:

Corner L Shaped Sofa DesignThe corner sofas are specially made to be placed in the corner of the living room. The seating arrangement of these L-shaped sofas comes in a variety to offer flexibility and versatility. Corner sofas can effortlessly match your living room’s interior. One amazing feature of this sofa is that it is available in many designs and sizes so you can choose the one that fits your room well.

4. Bumper Chaise Sectional Sofa:

Bumper Chaise Sectional SofaA bumper chaise sofa is also known as a bumper-end sofa. This sofa is one of the top 7 L Shaped Sofa Designs for living room that features a unique and distinctive chaise design. In this sofa, one side is extended which creates a large and oversized chaise lounge. It resembles a thick cushion armrest. This sofa offers an open space for lounging.

Bumper chaise sofas can easily accommodate six to seven people. This sofa is divided into multiple sections. You can arrange the sections of the sofa as per your requirements. You can even move the sections from their place to any other room. This sectional sofa has modern flat ottomans that allow a large seating area.

5. Cushioned Back Sofas:

Cushioned Back SofaThis L-shaped sofa type provides back support to both sides. It is perfect if you are looking for a cozy place for your guests. A cushioned back sofa can easily accommodate six to seven people. This is a much better option than a two-seater or a three-seater sofa. It can perfectly complement the modern and traditional interiors.

6. Curved Sofa:

curved L Shaped sofa designsIf you are looking for an L Shaped Sofa Design with a unique look, then you can opt for a curved sectional sofa. This sofa offers a sophisticated and elegant look. The gently curved look of this sofa adds a style to the living room.

You can have cozy and comfortable conversations with your friends and family on this sofa. It can be the main point of your room. A curved L-shaped sofa would be ideal if the walls of your room are rounded. You can take advantage of the sectional angular lines.

7. Right and Left Hand Chaise:

Chaise Sofa

Choosing this type of sofa depends on the walls, staircase, and other obstacles in your room. You need to carefully measure the space of your room then place this right-hand L-shaped sofa. It is a perfect choice for living rooms having multiple items. The minimalistic look of this sofa can bring a sense of sophistication.

Opposite of the right hand, is the left-hand chaise sofa. It is one of the most famous designs on the sofa for a living room. These sofas are very spacious. A left-hand chaise sofa is an excellent choice for a small or large living room.


In this article, we have explored 7 best L Shaped Sofa Designs for living room. L-shaped sofas can enhance your room with their latest designs. You can choose from a modern to a contemporary style sofa. These sofas take up very less space. You can fit them in any corner of your living room.

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